Western Regional Instrumentation Center(WRIC)
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University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari,
Kalina, Santacruz(East),
Mumbai - 400 098

Web : http://www.wric.mu.ac.in
  Tele Phone :   Director +91-22-2653 4650 Tele Fax
Analytical Instruments Lab +91-22-2653 4655  
Calibration +91-22-2653 4640  
Training +91-22-2653 4630  
      Admin +91-22-2653 4610 Tele Fax
Division Contact Person Email ID
R& D Division Mr. G.D. Patil research@wric.mu.ac.in/ gdpatil@wric.ac.in
Training Division Mr. K.K. Mahajan training @wric.mu.ac.in/ kkm@wric.mu.ac.in
Calibration Division Mr.G.D.Patil calibration@wric.mu.ac.in/ gdpatil@wric.mu.ac.in
Optics Division Mr.G.D.Patil optical@wric.mu.ac.in/ gdpatil@wric.mu.ac.in
Analytical Division Mr. N.N. Rao analytical@wric.mu.ac.in/ nnrao@wric.mu.ac.in
Workshop Division Mr.G.D.Patil workshop@wric.mu.ac.in/ gdpatil@wric.mu.ac.in
Biomedical Division Mr. K.K. Mahajan biomedical@wric.mu.ac.in/ kkm@wric.mu.ac.in
Maintenance and Repairs Division Mr. N.N. Rao maintenance@wric.mu.ac.in/ nnrao@wric.ac.in
Computer Maintenance Facility Mr. N.N. Rao cmf@wric.mu.ac.in/ nnrao@wric.mu.ac.in
Glass Blowing Mr.G.D.Patil glassblowing@wric.mu.ac.in/ gdpatil@wric.mu.ac.in
Library Ms. Priti Pandya library@wric.mu.ac.in/ priti@wric.mu.ac.in
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